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 Star Wars Customs

As Iīve stated on the main page, this site was originally set up to have a place to show off a few of my Star Wars customs. I have many more customs than pictures, but what I have so far Iīve listed below.

Iīve never been one for accuracy on my customs. They typically end up being my interpretation of the character. So feedback is relative. I just enjoy the heck out of customizing and thatīs enough for me. Check `em out and let me know what you think at Thanks!

3 3/4" Customs

12" Customs


I canīt let you go without a plug for the "Forgotten Force". This is a group of folks that e-mail with each other about customizing Star Wars stuff via a listserve. This is a great bunch of folks and I am proud to be a part of this forum. Thereīs a ton of excellent tips discussed on the FFURG (Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide) and a link for joining the listserve. Additionally we do a once weekly or so critique of each others work so you can see the quality of Star Wars custom being made. Please take some time to check it out and join us!