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 4 Inch Customs

As you can see, all these figures have since been made by Hasbro. I guess that is a good thing! However, someone once pointed out that sometimes customizers can do better than Hasbro. Iīm not saying I did better, just have a different approach. Enjoy!

Luke Cerimonial - Luke Tatooine Head, Ponda Boba torso and  Han legs. I suspect the legs should have been whacked back a little. Heīs a little tall for a Luke.

AT-AT Pilot - Obviously a Tie Fighter Pilot and AT-ST torso. One of my best customs. Check out the detail on the helmut. Hand painted. Whew!

Salacious Crumb - This is actually a Hecules "Mercury" figure that just asked me to turn it into Salacious. I like the Hasbro version, but I am proud of this figure. Real feathers on the head and neck!

Emperor Seated - Hasbro did a better job than I did. But I thought it was a cool idea. The throne is one of those plastic easter eggs heavily modified. What a pain!

Muftok - Itīs kind of hard to get excited about old Muftok. Donīt know what possessed me to make him. Heīs a little clean for a Muftok! Chewis is there somewhere under a ton of sculpey. RRrgggghhhh!

Oola - Mmmmm, Oola (in Homer Simpson voice). My first custom. I actually had people offer me money for this one. A far reach from the authenic character. Hasbro did better. And yes, that is the "Monkey Face" Leia. I had to do something with her!

Grand Moff Tarkin - My second custom. Yep, thatīs old Ben there with a little plastic surgury. Looks okay. Rank tags are not accurate.