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 12 Inch Customs

Twelve inchers take time! And it doesnīt hurt to know how to sew or know someone who can. My mother was a Home Economics teacher for 25 years so I had no choice. There are so many 12" figures Iīd love to make. I just donīt have the time. Enjoy!

Bossk - Iīve seen several version of this custom and still feel mine is most accurate. Wouldnīt surprise me if Hasbro got around to making all the Bounty Hunters. Itīs a missed opportunity if they donīt. This is a Hunchback of Notra Dame Phebus figure I found for $3.00. Heīs really not flexible or "full" enough, but who cares. The head, hands and legs were scuplted "after" the figure was dressed for success.

Nien Numb - Pics coming soon. A work still in progress. Thereīs a Michael Jordan figure under all that sculpey. As with the Bossk, I had to sculpt the head and hands on "after" dressing in the outfit. I wrapped the figure in a wet rag when I baked it. Came out pretty good. Just need to add the vest.

Ponda Baba - My first 12" custom. Somewhat of a ho-hummer and yet Hasbro came out with their own. Amazing how much more detail theirs has. Again, this is The Hunchback Phebus figures. What can I say, I got a good deal. used some of that fake fur for the face. Fabulous! I gave a shot a creating the Collectorīs Series box. It actually looks better in the pictures!